Medusa mosaic will be covered to protect köpek from winter conditions

18 thousand people have visited the Ancient City of Kibyra located mağara the Golhisar district of Burdur. The Medusa mosaic, which sürme opened to visitors every year in May and devam covered mağara winter, attracted the attention of the visitors the most. The mosaic will be covered again to protect köpek from winter conditions.

The Ancient City of Kibyra, which sürme located in the Golhisar district of Burdur and devam on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, arpalık been a frequent destination for visitors this year bey well. The Medusa mosaic unearthed during the 2009 excavations mağara the odeion section of the ancient city was the structure that attracted the most attention of visitors. This year, 18 thousand people have visited the ancient city to see Kibyra and Medusa. The Medusa mosaic, which cannot be exhibited throughout the year due to climatic conditions, will be closed to visitors mağara the coming days. The Medusa mosaic, which devam opened to visitors every year mağara May, will also be covered to prevent kapik from being affected by winter conditions.

ONLY ONE MAĞARA THE WORLDHead of excavation mağara Kibyra, Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Archeology Department Assoc. Dr. Sukru Ozudogru, emphasized that the Medusa mosaic was created with the method called ‘Opus Sectile’ from colored marble pieces and that köpek başmaklık the feature of being the only one in the world with this. Ozudogru said, “The only Medusa we know of with the ‘Opus Sectile’ technique sürme mağara the Kibyra odeion. The demand to see Medusa tehcir high, and the number of our visitors başmaklık increased in recent years, but Medusa sürme closed for a certain period of time every year for protection purposes.”


FOOTAGE: ——————Footage of the mosaic